With implementation failure rates ranging from 50% to 80%, it's no wonder that many could consider "CMMS" a four-letter word. In my experience, I've noticed many failed Computerized Upkeep Management Program (CMMS) implementations or very slow implementations (some of you are nodding in agreement... ). Additionally, I've hardly ever seen an organization robustly utilizing their CMMS; most are making use of just a feature or two of these powerful systems. It really is like utilizing just the bottle opener on your Leatherman - it may do so much a lot more; couple that with duct tape and also you are unstoppable...
There are lots of reasons for failed implementations or under-utilized CMMS. Below are a couple of from the most common that I've observed, of which I'm certain you can relate.

custom software development companyWrong Program for the Job
How numerous of you're presently using your IT department's function ticket method to manage your function orders? Okay, put your hands down. Which is all also frequent. IT Systems as well as the like are great for managing service requests, but they fall way brief on supplying the business tool that you simply need within a CMMS.

Funds to purchase It, but No Time or Help to Implement It
How numerous of you are within your ump-teen month of implementing your CMMS? Going on years, maybe... Nevertheless operating to get your gear and/or maintenance schedules loaded in to the system - within your spare time... Don't be concerned, you are not alone. Unfortunately, this can be a frequent state of most CMMS implementations. You lastly get your manager's approval to purchase a CMMS and possibly even some training, but you don't get any help with setup or extra administrative assistance necessary to implement and maintain a CMMS. The truth of it is, the delayed or failed commence of your CMMS will make it all the much more challenging for you to request further funding since you did not do effectively with what they currently invested - a double whammy... You can not do it alone; you need assist!

Old, Slow Method
You will find some that implemented a CMMS years ago, but have not been capable to upgrade it as time passes (possibly because they customized it also significantly producing upgrades costly) or the software program is no longer supported (at some point that Windows 95 machine will die... ). It really is also tough to upgrade since a lot has been invested in the old method and you do not want to shed the information - plus alter is hard. But you and your organization need to advance with all the occasions - there is certainly much better available.

How several of you couldn't get management's approval to get a CMMS so you constructed 1 yourself? How flat is your forehead from beating it against the wall trying to become an Excel or Access guru? Yep, I've been there as well... I have noticed some quite excellent ones, I may well add. Nonetheless, as facility managers, our jobs are not to become database administrators or IT gurus (albeit that hat does get thrown at us often). We have to pull ourselves out of these weeds so that we can focus on the strategic, company initiatives of our facility organization. I am all for organic, but now with a CMMS...

Don't Know What You do not Know
Lastly, lack of realizing any far better is almost certainly the most common reason for failed or under-utilized CMMS installations. Most don't understand how powerful a CMMS is or how it could possibly be used to handle day-to-day operations and offer crucial enterprise details for managing your facilities and upper management. Resolving this particular problem is the cause I am such a proponent for our conferences and IFMA's training courses.